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  Website Hosting Information and Concerns

Installed Hosting Packages:

From a quick glance at various hosting companies it may seem as if they are all offering the same re-hashed package. The truth is all discount web Hosting companies are not alike. Some hosting packages support ASP and windows technology, while others support CGI and Unix technologies, depending on the server configuration. Another thing to look for is database support, since many websites and inventories are dynamically driven. Under the unix platform MySQL is used for database development and Microsoft Access/SQL Server is used on windows platforms. Also remember if you are looking to setup a bulletin board, it will require a database. Keep these items in mind when looking for an affordable and reliable web hosting company. Linux web hosting is yet another concern.

Excess Bandwidth Liabilities:

Throughout the course of a usual month, your bandwidth quota may be more than sufficient, but what if you become No.1 on a major search engine overnight for any one of your targeted keyword phrases? With top rankings your traffic will go through the roof and before you know it, your quota is gone! If your web Host doesn't allow you to add excess bandwidth, this could be your downfall. Your could be on top of the search engine listings and have your website pulled down without warning. Be sure to check prices on excess bandwidth before signing up.

Script limitations:

Some scripts are well known to cause large workloads on servers and many cheap web hosting companies are very specific in regards to the types of scripts you can run. With security concerns and the increases tech support they may be required to provide be sure to check the availability of scripts used on their servers before purchasing a web hosting package.

Money Back Guarantees:

Check the fine print before believing what you read. Some companies will refund all of your money, some will only give you back the web Hosting package price, minus the setup fee.Free trials, like's, can help you make sure you choose the right Exchange Hosting company.

Content agreement:

Think your content is up to par? Not always.. If you read the terms and conditions you are often required to agree to there is a statement that hosting companies can terminate your account at any time, for any reason. This is to protect the web host from unwanted attention, lawsuits, loss of business and a hundred other reasons. If you have a website that displays adult content, religeous or political material it is beast to contact them regarding your proposed website content.


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