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The Titanic is probably one of the more famous early luxury ships. Equipped with fine dinning and great banquet halls, the cruise ship offers a luxury that is unmatched by common land hotels or travel resorts while offering the allure of arriving in another country.

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We tend to forget that before the 1960's traveling the ocean was the only way to travel to these distant lands. As many foreigners began traveling over the Atlantic, more and more ships began to offer passage. These ships competed with each other by offering luxury accommodations.

After the invention of the jet airplane that allowed passengers to reach the shores much quicker, the ocean liners began to see a drop in their number of passengers. However, with the cruise ships remained in business. Their numbers decreased but they remained in business nonetheless.

Cruises started adding new destinations include the Caribbean and shows such as the Love Boat gained some popularity for the Cruise ships. As the newness of the jet airplanes started to wear off, cruise ships were becoming more and more grandiose in nature gaining in size and luxury.

Today, the Cruise ship is a very luxurious hotel that happens to travel by sea. These ships are huge and are known for catering to their guest's every need. In fact, some cruise ships contain more staff than they do guests.

Many modern cruise lines have themes. Some of the famous American cruise lines include the Disney Cruise Line, Carnival Cruises, Windstar Cruises and American Cruise Lines. However, there are many more European Cruise Lines than American ones. Some of their famous cruise lines include Anek Lines, Celebrity Cruises, and SeaFrance.

The appeal with Cruise ships is that it doesn't take a fortune to be able to join one. This is a situation where an ordinary individual can feel what it's like travel in first class accommodations. It is something that is attainable to the average family and not just upper class travelers.

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