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Many people who do not attend church consider themselves religious individuals. Church isn't the sole means of gaining entrance to heaven. While the church remains the best place to fellowship with like-minded individuals are there to lift up members of the church in their times of need, it is not a requirement of being Christian.

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For those Christians who do not attend church or do not attend regularly, you are sometimes at a disadvantage. It is easy to keep your faith when you surround yourselves with Christian individuals, but it is hard to stay religious when you are surrounded by worldly individuals.

To keep your religious principles intact it is a good idea to surround yourselves with people how are at least moral, if not religious themselves. Trouble has a way of drawing you in. Even if you are not creating mischief yourself, trouble tends to fall on those who hand out with trouble makers.

Alternative church services are another way of keeping your religious faith going. There are many ways to attend church services without leaving your home. One way is to watch a church service on your television. Many public broadcasting channels will display church services on Sundays. It is also possible to attend church services online. Many churches are recognizing this as a great way to offer the word of God to people who can't or don't attend regular services.

One way to keep your religious ground in the absence of church is through prayer and scripture. Your bible and your prayers become your only lifeline to God when you do not attend church services. Even in when attending church these are the two most powerful religious tools we are armed with.

As long as you study and pray and live the way God has meant us to, than you can be religious without attending church services. Church is just another tool that God has given us to help us stay strong in our faith. However, it is one of the most powerful tools next to the bible and prayer. If you can attend church, it makes it easier for you to stay strong as a Christian.

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